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Richard Skillman has over 30 years in the media business and as Vice President of Allied Vaughn, an established media distribution and manufacturing company, works with Hollywood Studios, Networks and Special Interest companies in DVD/CD on demand technologies. Clients such as the Walt Disney Company, Warner Archives, HBO, A & E Television work with Richard and Allied Vaughn to deliver their large catalogs of entertainment to consumers.

Most recently, Richard created and co-produced a series on the Disney Imagineers, called "Imagineering the Magic", on sale throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts.

Richard on set at Disneyland and with Greg Jones, Cameron Roberts and Mark Rhodes of D7, the Producers and Director at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, CA.

Dolph Lundgren on "Dark Angel" & "Expendables II" PDF Print E-mail

“Dark Angel”, a new MOD title from MGM Limited Classics



Prior to the release of the 1990 film, "Dark Angel", which has been licensed by Allied Vaughn for distribution using its revolutionary Media On Demand systems,  i had the opportunity to interview its star, Dolph Lundgren. He was just preparing to begin production on the new Stallone film, "Expendables II".

Dolph, congratulations on your recent success in “The Expendables”. How does it feel to have your performance singled out by many reviewers as a one of the best in the ensemble cast?

”Felt great to be back on the big screen working with Stallone. He created a terrific character for me – for the second time in my career. I tried my best to make Crazy Gunner come alive. The audience seem to appreciate the complexity of Gunner and the fact you didn’t really know how it was going to end.”

Of course, your relationship with Stallone is legendary, as you epitomized the Russian athlete in the role of Drago in “Rocky IV”, have you and Sly stayed close over the years?

“We’ve kept in touch, but since only recently moved back to LA from Europe we didn’t see each other that much. After you train and spar together 6 days a week for 6 months you get to know each other quite well.”

We’re reaching out to you today, as the MGM Classic Collection has released your 1990 film, “Dark Angel” out through Allied Vaughn’s On Demand DVD services to the major online DVD stores and retailers. What can you tell us about your experience on this film?

“It was a really fun script and the director Craig Baxley did a great job. It was a sort of underrated picture at the time, but a lot of my fans love it. Should be a remake!”

Your character Jack Caine is an interesting hero, what were your inspirations for the character?

“Yeah, my character had a nice arc and some good lines”

Were there plans to continue with additional films in this series? Your antagonist, Matthias Hues, is a huge actor with some incredible fight scenes with you, did you both do many of your own stunts?

“He is a great athlete, I believe he was in the Olympics and did some incredible physical feats, pre-cgi! Especially putting his life on the line jumping from car to car chased by a series of very real explosions.

Thank you Dolph, I am sure a new audience is ready to enjoy this film and we wish you all the best of success. We look forward to “Expendables Two” coming to the theaters August 2012.

The storyline of the 1990 film, “Dark Angel” has Dolph starring as a police detective who must stop the murderous rampage of a criminal alien who’s addicted to human endorphins.Released as part of the MGM Classic Collection, you can order the film from a host of online retailers, feel free to contact me where to buy.  Also, don’t hesitate to inquire about the MGM Collection or how you can maximize the breadth of your content with on demand manufacturing and distribution using the similar approach. With many thanks to Anders Frejdh, Editor, From Sweden With Love, Scandinavia’s premier James Bond website. Richard Skillman This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Theme Party People on "Rachael Ray" PDF Print E-mail

Rich and Leslie have appeared on "The Rachael Ray Show" as one of her theme party experts and share their party tips and secrets for organizing theme parties and dinner clubs

Rachael had a special "Godfather" movie party and showed highlights of Rich and Leslie's "King and I" dinner party and they joined Rachael and singer Michael Bolton on Italian themed drinks and cuisine.

They also hosted a Premiere Party episode for Rachael's new show . Look for Rich and Leslie to offer new party ideas, themed tours and party planning tips in the future on other television programs.


The local news caught up with the Theme Party People monthly movie club and their themed film parties.

Imagineering the Magic of Magic Kingdom DVD PDF Print E-mail


Disney Theme Park Merchandise has released the second in a series of DVDs highlighting the creation and enhancement of the Disney Theme Parks and Attractions as told from the perspective of the Walt Disney’s Imagineers. The DVD is available for sale throughout the Disney Parks in California and Florida .

The DVD, “Imagineering the Magic-Magic Kingdom”, hosted by Imagineer Diego Parras, details through historical and rare film footage, the inspiration for the creation of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and the early beginnings of the Magic Kingdom theme park.

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Imagineering the Magic of Disneyland DVD PDF Print E-mail



(March 24, 2008) Disney Theme Park Merchandise releases on April 5th, the first in a series of DVDs chronicling the inspiration and creation of the Disney Theme Parks and Attractions told from the perspective of the Walt Disney’s Imagineers. On April 5th, the DVD will be available for sale at Disneyana Shop and several Imagineers will be on hand for the signings.

The DVD, “Imagineering the Magic-Disneyland”, hosted by Imagineer Dave Fisher, details through historical and never seen before film footage, the beginnings of Disneyland in 1955 to present day with a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the creation of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

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Dr. G Medical Examiner Episode PDF Print E-mail



Rich and Leslie appeared on "Dr.G, Medical Examiner", episode "Life Interrupted", involving the case of the abducted Air Force cadet. It was a incredible all night shoot in the Orlando Morgue, as the story was shot within actual autopsy areas. Needless to say, it was an eerie evening.

 Look for Rich as the Air Force Investigator and Leslie as the Sheriff and daughter Lindsay as the morgue assistant. Who says they won't party just about anywhere?