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PRODUCTION: Dancing with the King and I

Featured on the Rachael Ray Show!

We will find any reason to have Thai food and the "King and I" always delivers with a  film with great party elements (exotic location, great characters, great music and great story).  A remastered DVD is available of the Yul Brynner/Deborah Kerr classic in a single and in a multi-pack of Rodgers and Hammerstein classics.

Set: It's good to be King and especially the King of Siam. You can decorate your basement or dining room as the King's Palace. Leslie scoured the fabric stores for bolt end materials that resemble silk and covered our curtains with puffy drapes (she used bubble wrap to make the drapes bulge!). Dollar stores have great inexpensive wood carvings and masks to suggest an Asian decor. And, asking our friends to bring urns, vases and other knick knacks, we had a pretty impressive Palace of the King. Use yellow gels on your lamps and dim the lights down to give a glowing appearance to the dining room setting.



Costumes: Every guy wants to be the King and costumes are easy. Take a pair of silk pajamas and rubber band the pant legs at mid calf. A simple sash of material makes the costume complete. If shaving your head is not an option, there's always the bald skull cap wig from the party store! Now ladies, they have a host of characters to choose from. For Anna, vintage stores have old gowns and wedding dresses that can be "hooped" out. Guests can also wear Chinese dresses or robes as one of the Kings many wives. Remember that your set lighting will make everything look great. 
Catering:  Cooking Thai can be a challenge for the chefs in your group that have not tried to prepare Asian dishes. A simple Chicken Satay is very easy to make and can serve an entire Thai army with little preparation.  In the ethnic food aisle of your supermarkets, you can find many pre-made items and mixes as well as simple recipes.